Thor 3D printer

TaoTac project THOR will take 3D printing in Asia to the next level of accessibility. By creating a finely tuned, modular open source printer we aim to minimize the stress of learning a new technology and enable makers and enthusiasts to seamlessly get started mastering the art of desktop manufacturing. We believe that the world is ready for the next stage of uptake in 3D printing and we are determined to play our part in making it happen.
Starting Point
We are perfectly situated to achieve our goals in that TaoTac has been actively serving Vietnam’s 3D printer community with parts and consumables since 2013. We have supply chains in place for all the necessary parts and accessories and our kits will be quality controlled and shippable worldwide with optional care package to guarantee print quality and long lasting reliability.
Project Goals
The immediate goals of the project are to bring to market modular 3D printers that offer an unrivalled balance of quality and price. Firstly we want to start selling our baseline system, designed for the kind of rigidity and performance necessary for daily use but available for the kind of budgets that small companies, individual makers and educational institutions have access to. As time goes on we want to offer improved features for newer models and increase the amount of community interaction and collaboration, as well as a professional care service for our premium customers to keep their experience frustration free.
Project Outline
Firstly we will sell our initial kit (TBA) at a very competitive price. Featuring plug and play assembly to ensure an easy pathway from unboxing to first print. Online videos and support will mean anyone can follow the instructions and build their very own 3D printer and have it printing in a matter of hours.
The kit will consist of the following modules:

  • Mechanical Structure, aluminium extrusions and
  • X axis incl. Stepper Motor
  • Y axis incl. Stepper Motor
  • Z axis incl. Stepper Motor
  • Extruder Stepper Motor, Bowden tube and Hot End
  • Print surface/Heatbed + associated electronics
  • Power Supply and control board
  • Labelled connection cables
  • LED controller + SD card input
    = Filament holder, Oiler and roll of filament